About Cannondale Heating & Air

Custom System Design & Installation

"Your Home Deserves Cannondale Quality"

Cannondale Heating & Air Conditioning is a sister company of Servco Oil that specializes in ducted HVAC systems such as central air conditioning and hydro-air. At Cannondale, we provide heating and air conditioning services that enhance your home's comfort while increasing its value, whether it is newly built or a vintage Colonial.

Cannondale services include:

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Duct work for home and commercial heating and cooling
  • Installation of hydro-air systems
  • Furnace and boiler replacement
  • Radiant heat and Snow melt systems

The Cannondale Advantage

When you invest in a new furnace or boiler, we know you want a dependable, energy-efficient operation— not potential headaches and high maintenance costs down the line. Cannondale Heating & Air Conditioning delivers precision and reliability in ducted HVAC systems.

We work with homeowners, builders and general contractors to provide custom systems that meet all requests and needs. Services include design, fabrication and installations for the whole house, or for additions and renovations of any size.

With 25 years experience serving Wilton and surrounding towns, we know that a project's ultimate cost cannot be measured by the initial outlay. The real costs are measured by the efficiency, energy savings and comfort returned over the long term. That's why we use only the best and most durable materials and recommend only equipment we've tested and know to be reliable, efficient and, most importantly, right for your particular needs.

Throughout each installation job, we ensure that every connection, every fitting and every piece of equipment is precisely measured and solidly installed.

For every Furnace or Boiler replacement job, Cannondale will:

  • Determine the proper size of your furnace or boiler based on such factors as calculated heat loss, annual fuel consumption, living style (is it a weekend house, are family members home on weekdays, etc.), future plans (remodeling, building an addition, adding air conditioning, etc.).
  • Evaluate existing and prior performance of your heating system.
  • Perform a complete fuel/control evaluation.
  • Select the proper equipment emphasizing quality and efficiency.
  • Install the equipment using our own highly trained and licensed technicians, not subcontractors.
  • Design and fabricate all necessary ductwork and fittings in our own custom sheet metal shop.
  • Install any optional or upgraded equipment you need including electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, zones, thermostats, etc.

For every Air Conditioning installation job, Cannondale will:

  • Precisely calculate the size of the system needed considering such factors as the orientation of your home (north/south, east/west), the amount of shade your house receives, window size and glass type, construction, roof color, insulation, and your existing duct system if you have one.
  • Select indoor/outdoor equipment in full consultation with you to optimize comfort, maximize rate of dehumidification, minimize operating costs, and reduce operational noise.
  • Determine proper blower speed and airflow requirements based on manufacturer's design criteria.
  • Install a liquid line moisture indicator on every system to ensure that your refrigeration system is not contaminated by moisture, which can lead to premature equipment failure.
  • Pressure-test all refrigerant lines with nitrogen and perform a thorough evacuation of the system to enhance system integrity and remove latent moisture buildup.
  • Perform a complete system start-up test that includes a check of system pressures, refrigerant charge, and airflow temperature differential to maximize both your comfort levels and the life expectancy of all system components.
  • Service what we install.

For Add-On Air Conditioning Systems, we also:

  • Install all indoor coils with access doors for future service.
  • Include a custom fabricated independent coil mounting base for improved airflow, protection from excessive heat, and added support during furnace changes.
  • Ensure proper airflow to each supply trunk for evenly distributed cooling.
  • Use expansion valves on evaporator coils to help reduce operating costs, lessen compressor load, and enhance dehumidification.
  • Fabricate refrigerant piping on site so that it exactly conforms with both the specifications of your home and your aesthetic concerns.

In addition to this, we have our own sheet metal fabrication shop, and all of our work is performed by our own highly-skilled, licensed employees. We continually monitor new developments in heating and air conditioning technology, and make sure that every one of our technicians is fully trained and licensed in the latest techniques and methods.

We never take shortcuts—you can depend on systems installed by Cannondale to give you trouble-free heating and air conditioning for years to come!