Hot Water Heater Installations

Water heating accounts for about 15% of a typical home's energy use, so you can take a big bite out of your energy budget by upgrading to a more efficient system. If you are running out of hot water too quickly or your water heater is more than 10 years old, please give us a call or contact us, and we'll evaluate your current system and explain your options.

If you heat your home by boiler, you have a choice in your replacement water heater:

  • A direct, oil-fired heater with a storage tank
  • An indirect water heater that utilizes the boiler for water heating and stores heated water in a tank
  • An electric or solar water heater

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy recommends an indirect system or a combined heat/hot water system as the most efficient choice.

We install systems from many manufacturers, including all the following:

Burnham makes high-quality, high-efficienty indirect water heaters like the Alliance SL, which features a hydrastone lining for superior corrosion resistance and outstanding performance in a wide variety of water conditions. Water heaters are available in five sizes from 27 gallons to 119 gallons, and come with a unique 10/2/1 warranty: 10 years on the tank and coil; 2 years labor; and 1 year on parts.
Recognized as the leader in oil-fired water heaters, Bock provides quality in construction, efficiency in performance and durability in operation. The company's patented multi-finned Turboflue® transfers more than twice as much heat to the domestic water as its competitors, minimizing heat loss up the chimney. What does this mean for you? A hotter, quicker shower; energy and water conservation; and lower bills.
Buderus hot water tanks provide clean, pure, and reliable hot water comfort for many years. Buderus designed a super-insulated tank that protects against heat loss with the DUOCLEAN™ thermal glaze. The smooth glass-like coating provides added protection against the corrosive effects of minerals that are naturally present in water.