Cannondale Heating & Cooling

Comfort you can count on

Cannondale Heating & Cooling is a sister company of Servco Oil & Propane and New Canaan Oil, which specializes in HVAC design, installation and service. Our work includes central air conditioning, heating systems and hydro-air.

Our team at Cannondale has been providing HVAC systems and design for many years, helping our customers to make the most of both their household’s comfort levels and its resale value. We work on all homes, whether it was built in the 17th century or the 21st.

Cannondale’s knowledgeable and skilled technicians work with homeowners, builders and general contractors on custom projects to provide a system that meets all requests and needs. Services include:

For more than 50 years, we’ve been working in Fairfield County and we know that it can be difficult to measure the final cost of a project just by looking at initial costs. The real results are measured by the efficiency, energy savings and comfort our work provides over the long run. We provide only the highest quality material and equipment that we have tested extensively in order to ensure its reliability and efficiency. Each project is different, so we make sure everything we install meets your needs.

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