Keeping You Cool While Being Cost Effective

servco mini-splits

There was a time when we used to have four distinct seasons here in Connecticut, but in the last few years, warm weather has been starting earlier in the year and ending later. This change has caused fluctuations where we could have nights that are below freezing followed by surprisingly warm spring days. Without the proper heating and cooling solutions in place, trying to adjust for this could get costly.

If your home was built in the last couple of decades, there’s a good chance that you have central air. But if you don’t, or you own an older home, the investment to install central air is enough to find those energy-absorbing and inefficient window A/C units you have hiding out in the garage appealing.

Servco has a better solution — it’s an innovation known as a mini-split and it’s designed to keep you cool and comfortable while being cost-effective.

What Is a Mini-Split?

Mini-splits, also known as heat pumps, are a two-part cooling system that does not require you to have ductwork installed in your home. From the start, this cuts the price of a mini-split unit compared to central air conditioning, in half.

They are comprised of two main parts: an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air handler, or evaporator. These pieces are connected through a 3-4” hole in your wall where the refrigerated lines, power, and condensation drain hose all connect.

The only requirements for a mini-split are that they need to be installed on an exterior wall and need clearance outside for the compressor. Overall, they are much less involved than central air conditioning systems, requiring 80% less modification to your home.

Why don’t I just stick with my Window Air Conditioner?

Well, for one, they’re really noisy, but they’re also very inefficient. On average, a mini-split uses 40% less energy than a standard window A/C unit. A top-of-the-line window air conditioner can cost you upwards of $500. They will also only last for ten years if properly maintained. The average lifespan of a mini-split from Servco is thirty years. Also, they don’t need to be installed or removed from your window seasonally.

Where should I install a mini-split?

Mini-splits have the potential of cooling off a larger area of your house with a single unit. If you have a large home you may need a couple of units. What’s great about mini-splits is that they can be installed in places like a garage, workshop, pool house, or any other insulated area in your home that you want to keep comfortable.

No matter what your home’s set-up is, our experts will evaluate your home and help you decide where your new mini-split would be the most effective.

Your full-service A/C company.

Just like with any other piece of home equipment we install; Servco is here for you after the installation. Our affordable air conditioning service plans help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape and running at its best efficiency. This ensures that you are not wasting money on higher energy costs. In the occurrence where you do need repairs, we’re here for you with prompt repairs done right the first time.

Another incentive for our service plans: you get priority service, 24-hour emergency service, a discount on repairs, and parts protection.

Servco provides honest, competitive quotes for new air conditioning. Contact us today to get started.

Keep your generator up and running for when you need it.

servco generator protection plan A whole-house generator from Servco is the right answer for people who don’t want to worry about losing power. But as it’s a piece of machinery that doesn’t get used all the time, having a service plan will help you take care of your generator and will ensure that it can take care of your home and loved ones when the power goes out.

Servco’s Generator Protection Plan

Servco’s Generator Protection Plan includes an annual 20-point maintenance tune-up, discounts on repairs, priority service, and scheduling, and a discount on installation of any new equipment from Servco.

Our annual 20-point maintenance tune-up includes:

  • Change oil and filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace spark plug and inspect spark plug wires
  • Test battery charge state
  • Inspect battery cable and terminal ends
  • Check battery trickle charge
  • Inspect fuel lines and connections
  • Measure and adjust propane fuel pressure
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Measure output voltage and hertz
  • Check and record all gauges and timer readings
  • Check exercise cycle
  • Test transfer switch operations
  • Check and adjust valve clearance
  • Inspect all hoses
  • Update Firmware
  • Check vibration/noise/leakage
  • Inspect fuel plenum
  • Clear enclosure louvers
  • Clean and wipe down enclosure

24/7 Wireless Monitoring by Generac

An added benefit to this plan is Generac’s wireless monitoring which eliminates 95% of all fail-to-start situations.

Combine Protection Plans and Save

Sign up for Servco’s Generator Protection Plan and combine it with the A/C Protection Plan, Propane Protection Plan or our Oil Heat Protection Plan and save $50.

Protection You Can Count On

You’ve made an investment to keep you and your family comfortable when the power goes out. Adding on our Generator Protection Plan will not only protect that investment but also take the worry out of the power going out for years to come.

For questions about your generator, our service plans, or anything else Servco related, please contact us today.