Expanded Service Plan

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Our Expanded Coverage includes everything in the Basic Heating Coverage plan (including annual maintenance) and adds coverage for the following components. Availability of Expanded Coverage is subject to inspection.


  • $250.00 allowance on boiler or furnace replacement
  • $100.00 allowance on oil tank replacement
  • $75.00 allowance on burner replacement
  • $75.00 allowance on smokepipe replacement (single wall galvanized only)
  • Allowance equivalent to the cost of a ¾ HP motor for any larger or special motors

Expanded Services Covered

  • Labor to repair water leaks from heating system
  • Labor to vent, purge or bleed air from heating system
  • Labor to drain the expansion tank and adjust the pressure on the system
  • Labor to adjust water level in steam system

Expanded Service Plan Coverage

Hot Water and Steam Boiler Systems
  1. Auto air vents
  2. Auto water feeder
  3. Boiler valves
  4. Check valves
  5. Circulator impeller
  6. Complete circulator
  7. Expansion tank
  8. Extrol tank
  9. Flow valve
  10. Gate valve
  11. Gauge glass
  12. Low water cutoff
  13. Pressure gauge
  14. Purge valve
  15. Relief valve
  16. System 2000 manager
  17. Temperature gauge
  18. Zone valve motor
  19. Zone relay
  20. Zone valve body
  21. Zone valve stem
Warm Air Furnace Systems
  1. Blower bearings
  2. Blower motor (to ¾ HP)
  3. Blower shaft
  4. Blower wheel
  5. Zone damper
  6. Zone damper motor
  7. Zone panel
  8. Zone relay
Oil Tank System
  1. Anti-siphon valve
  2. Bottom valve
  3. Oil fill pipe
  4. Oil lines
  5. Oil tank gauge
  6. Tank vent
  7. Tank whistle
  8. Tiger Loop
Hydro Air Heating Systems
  1. Blower bearings
  2. Blower belt
  3. Blower motor (up to ¾ HP)
  4. Blower shaft
  5. Blower wheel
  6. Circulator
  7. Fan relay
  8. Fiberglass air filter
  9. Flow valve
  10. Hydronic coil
  11. Transformer
  12. Zone damper
  13. Zone damper motor
  14. Zone panel
  15. Zone relay
  16. Zone valve

Air handling units add an additional fee per unit in combination with expanded coverage only.

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