Generator Installation and Service

Protect your property and loved ones

Whether it’s a nor’easter in the winter, a tropical storm or hurricane in the summer, a storm any time of year or a failure in the electrical grid, you could be facing a power outage in your home.

In some parts of Fairfield County, power outages can drag on for days if not weeks, as has happened after several major storms. That is why so many of your neighbors are adding propane whole-house backup generators to their homes.

Servco Oil & Propane installs Generac’s top-quality propane generators to keep homes like yours safe and comfortable when the power goes out. We will also deliver the propane for your generator.

The importance of a whole-house backup generator

You might not realize all the things that electricity does in your home until it goes out. When the power is gone, a whole-house generator will kick on to provide energy for essential needs like cooking and heating water.

Your home’s standby generator will keep your home security system and heating system and cooling system on if power is lost. It will also maintain the operations of your sump pump to protect your basement from flooding during a loss of water or power.

Keeping your phone charged is essential in any disaster situation. You can use it to contact family, local authorities, emergency services and other necessary people as well as use it for work purposes. You will also be able to work remotely, watch TV, stream videos and do gaming.

The generator experts at Servco will thoroughly discuss with you what size and type of generator you need based on factors such as the size of your home and what appliances you want to keep running during a power outage. We provide a full range of services for your generator needs. When you install one of our units, we are more than happy to take care of all the permitting and work necessary for installation of your generator and propane tank and will also connect it with any gas piping and electrical wiring so that everything is ready to go once we have finished setting up your propane whole-house backup generator.

Once your new Generac generator is installed, you can count on Servco for generator service and repair. Our Generator Energy Savings Plan not only protects your investment by keeping your generator in peak condition, but it can also help you save on any needed generator repairs.

Contact us or request a FREE quote for adding a generator to your home. And don’t forget to ask about our Generator Energy Savings Plan!