Heating Oil Delivery You Can Count On

Get peace of mind with Servco

Servco Oil & Propane is proud of their reliable delivery team who respects your property and time. We provide on-time deliveries with careful drivers, showing up when they’re supposed to.

Worry-free and convenient heating oil delivery is offered by our Automatic Delivery program, which is the most popular heating oil option with our customers for good reason.

With our Automatic Delivery service, you can forget about ever having to head down into the basement or outside to check how much heating oil is in your tank. We track it all for you with degree-day technology. With this precise data, we know when you need a new delivery and will be there on time each time.

The benefits of Bioheat®

Servco delivers Bioheat® fuel, a heating oil blend that cuts emissions while helping your furnace or boiler run efficiently. Bioheat is a blend of biodiesel, which comes from natural resources such as plant oils and animal fats, and ultra-low-sulfur heating oil.

Along with Servco’s Bioheat® fuel, advances in technology have helped today’s heating oil burn cleaner with greater efficiency and to be more environmentally friendly. The Bioheat® fuel we deliver has significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional heating oil. It also leaves fewer deposits on your heating system’s parts, helping your furnace or boiler have a longer life expectancy and fewer breakdowns.

The heating oil industry is well on its way to meeting its 2050 goal of net-zero carbon emissions. That means there are more improvements to come, and Servco will be at the forefront of providing them to our Fairfield County customers.

Why choose heating oil?

There are many reasons why heating homes in Fairfield County with heating oil remains a popular choice.

One reason is that heating oil remains an affordable way to keep your home warm and comfortable. Speaking of comfort, you can’t beat oil heat for that! Heating oil gets your home warm faster than any other energy source.

Heating oil is also a safe fuel choice. It cannot be burned in its natural state. The vaporized oil must be heated to over 140° Fahrenheit in order for combustion to occur. It also can’t explode. Drop a lit match into heating oil, and it would be extinguished as if you’d dropped it into water. Modern-day oil furnaces and boilers are equipped with safety devices that will shut these down if the oil burner malfunctions.

Get the reliable heating oil delivery service you need. Become a Servco customer today!