Servco: Expert Service for Heating Oil Tanks

We protect your home and heating system

Your heating oil tank is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your Fairfield County oil-heated home. It’s what keeps heat coming to your home’s living spaces. Your home’s comfort and safety depend on a clean, moisture-free tank and Servco Oil & Propane has you covered.

Servco is your trusted provider of fuel storage services, including routine tank inspections and replacements.

Do you need to replace your heating oil tank?

Servco’s trained, experienced service technicians routinely inspect your home’s heating oil tank when making a service call or performing an annual furnace or boiler tune-up. That being said, you should be aware of signs that your heating oil tank is in trouble and needs professional attention right away. These signs include:

If you see any of these indicators, contact Servco as soon as possible to get your tank inspected. It’s important to act before a failure occurs so that you can avoid the cleanup, expense, and hassle that come with a failed tank.

Wireless tank monitoring is easy and convenient

Another heating oil tank service we provide is wireless tank monitoring for our Automatic Delivery customers. The monitor uses wireless and cellular technology to let us (and you) know exactly how much heating oil is in your tank in real time, 24/7.

Wireless tank monitoring is great for people who live away from here part of the year, or who have rental properties, or who want to make sure that a family member always has heating oil.

ProGuard protection gives peace of mind

The ProGuard tank replacement and cleanup cost coverage Servco offers protects you against a tank failure that would otherwise leave you responsible for the cost of a new tank as well as cleanup.

Servco customers who are on Automatic Delivery for heating oil can purchase the ProGuard protection plan to ensure they have proactive tank replacement and cleanup coverage up to $50,000 if there ever is a leak.

Contact us for any heating oil tank installation or service needs. And don’t forget to ask about our Automatic Delivery service for heating oil!