How to Protect Your House from Thunderstorms 

Written on: September 4, 2021


Be safe with a propane whole-house backup generator

As summer is in full swing here in Fairfield County, we are getting more frequent thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms can be a challenging problem for homeowners when they lead to power outages. In larger, more severe storms, it may take days before power is restored in some areas.

Protect your home, possessions and loved ones with a Servco propane-powered whole-house backup generator installation. We also provide propane tank installation and reliable propane delivery.

Propane-powered whole-house generators offer added security for protecting your home during a power outage.

Keep your family safe

Your home will be protected because your security system stays on. Essential medical equipment like oxygen, electric wheelchairs and home dialysis will have the power they need.

Keep your home safe

In the event of a thunderstorm and torrential rain, an inoperable sump pump could lead to a flooded basement. You may end up dealing with expensive damage and destroyed keepsakes stored down there. But a propane whole-house generator will keep your sump pump running so your basement stays dry.

Keep connected with the world

Keeping electronics powered is critical. A propane whole-house backup generator allows you to keep your phones, laptop and tablets charged so that you can stay in touch with local authorities or family members. If you work remotely, the computers and scanners you use will also have power.

Keep your home and loved ones safe in all kinds of weather. Get in touch with us today ore request a FREE quote for installing a propane whole-house backup generator at your home.