Make Your Outdoors Great With Propane!

Written on: April 18, 2022

Propane’s benefits for your backyard and beyond

propane heaters

You know that propane is great for keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter.

Did you know that propane’s versatility and efficiency also shine in the summer? Read on the learn more about how propane can enhance outdoor living at your home!

The neighborhood grill master

So much summer fun at home centers around your propane BBQ grill, whether it’s for easy and fast weeknight dinners, the kids’ pool parties, or cookouts with family and friends.

Your propane BBQ grill lets you take your cooking outside when you don’t want to be stuck in a hot kitchen.

You can end the hassle of having to exchange or refill a propane cylinder by connecting your built-in propane grill to your home’s propane tank.

Pool heaters – The water’s fine!

Installing a pool or spa is a big investment. With propane, you can not only make the most of that investment but save money to boot. You’ll be able to start using your pool and spa earlier in the spring and later in the fall. Propane pool and spa heaters get the water warm in a fraction of the time comparable electric models take, saving you big on energy costs!

Patio heaters create a relaxing space

After dark, you may unwind in comfort with a propane patio and deck heater. You can sit down and have a glass of wine in front of a propane fire pit or a propane fireplace. Propane fireplaces, firepits, and patio and deck heaters allow you to stay comfortable even when there’s a nip in the air

Bug traps say “Bye-bye” to bugs

If you love being outside but hate being bothered and bitten by mosquitoes, propane offers a solution! Propane-powered mosquito traps mimic human breath to lure mosquitoes to their doom. Some also work on biting flies.

Propane can also light up the night!

You may create a warm glow in your backyard, as well as the front, with lovely propane-powered lights in designs to match all types of homes, including yours.

Hit the road with propane

Propane cylinders make camping and RVing more fun and comfortable. The power camp grills, tent heaters, RV refrigerators and stoves, and more!

Servco’s dependable propane delivery can help you make your backyard a staycation destination. Become a customer today!