Dependable Propane Delivery Service

Servco is here for you

Propane is an amazingly versatile energy source for homes. You also have the security of knowing that your propane supply is right there at your home, so you aren’t dependent on a large utility.

But to enjoy that security, you need a propane delivery company you can trust. Whether you’re in Wilton or Westport, or anywhere else in our service area, you can trust Servco Oil & Propane.

The foundation of our business is building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We ensure that by providing reliable propane delivery that brings peace of mind.

Servco: propane supply you can count on

For decades, Servco has built a reputation for reliability. That’s because we have our own propane storage facility, as well as strong relationships with our suppliers. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that when they need propane, we’ll have it for them.

We also have come up with a way to make propane delivery work-free and worry-free. Our Automatic Delivery lets us do the work of managing your propane supply. We use your home’s prior usage to accurately determine when you will need propane. We then schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring to give you even more peace of mind about your propane supply.

Wireless propane tank monitoring keeps us up to date via wireless and cellular technology on the amount of propane in your tank. Now you can track your propane usage even if you aren’t home thanks to our user-friendly app.

You’ll never feel the worry about running low on propane or feeling the pain of running out.

Benefits of propane

Many people are interested in having gas appliances in their home. But here in Fairfield County, there are many areas that don’t have access to natural gas.
With Servco’s dependable propane delivery, you can enjoy those benefits without having to deal with the impersonal and unreliable service of a large gas utility. Here are just some of the ways propane can make life in your home better:

Servco’s experienced and knowledgeable technicians install, maintain and repair many propane appliances.

From Redding to Norwalk and everywhere in between, you can get the reliable, hassle-free propane delivery you deserve. Become a Servco customer today!