How To Read a Propane Tank Gauge

Written on: October 18, 2021

Get peace of mind with Servco’s Automatic Delivery!

reading fuel gauge connecticutIf you’re new to living in a home with propane, you probably have a few questions on the matter.

One of them is knowing when you need more propane. To know that you need to know how to read your propane tank gauge, so you know when to contact Servco Oil & Propane and schedule a propane delivery.

You can also enroll in our worry-free Automatic Delivery and wireless tank monitoring services and not have to do anything.

But if you’re going to use Will-Call for your propane delivery, here’s what you need to know.

Reading a propane tank gauge

It’s simple to read your propane tank gauge. Go outside to your propane tank. On it, look for a circular dial. The dial is usually shaped like a car’s speedometer.

The numbers on the dial show you how full your propane tank is. If the needle is set at 50, for example, your propane tank is 50% full.

How low can you let your tank go before we contact you to schedule a delivery? We strongly recommend that you never allow your tank level to fall below 30% if you use Will-Call service. This eliminates the risk of having to worry about a propane runout and the hassles that go along with it, such as needing an emergency delivery and needing to have a professional service technician perform a pressure test then re-light the pilots on all your propane appliances. The costs for all of that, by the way, are on you if you run out of propane.

The advantages of Automatic Delivery

You won’t have to worry about any of it when you have Automatic Delivery. We track your propane usage history as well as the current weather conditions. We use that information to accurately predict when your propane tank will need to be refilled, then schedule a delivery before you run out.

We offer Automatic Delivery for FREE because it aids us in our scheduling our deliveries more efficiently so that we can serve our clients even better and be more responsive when emergency deliveries are required.

Wireless propane tank monitoring makes getting your propane a snap

There’s no better way to keep track of your propane supply than with our wireless propane tank monitoring system. It tracks your propane supply using both wireless and cellular technology all day, every day. When your propane tank reaches a certain level, the monitor notifies Servco, and we deliver your propane. getting your propane couldn’t be easier! Speaking of easy, our easy-to-use app allows you to track your propane usage on your smartphone or tablet, or online.

Enjoy comfort and convenience with Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring from Servco. Contact us today to learn more and sign up for these great services.