Cooling Plan

Servco Oil Truck

Cooling Service Plan


We protect central air conditioning systems with a plan that covers 28 system components. During the life of the agreement, we will repair or replace, at no charge to the customer, any of the following parts that may become defective due to normal wear and tear.

Cooling Service Plan Coverage

  • Blower belt
  • Blower motor (to ¾ HP)
  • Blower pulley
  • Blower shaft
  • Coil drain pan
  • Condensate drain
  • Condensate pump
  • Contactor
  • Crankcase heater
  • Expansion valve
  • Fan relay
  • Freeze control
  • Refrigerant (1 lb. max.)
  • High pressure control
  • Indoor coil

  • Low pressure control
  • Metering device
  • Outdoor coil
  • Outdoor fan
  • Outdoor fan motor
  • Potential relay
  • Rain shield
  • Run capacitor
  • Single set sub base
  • Start capacitor
  • Thermostat (non-programmable)
  • Time delay relay
  • Transformer

  • All labor charges for covered parts are included for system repairs during normal business hours.
  • If the compressor fails under the manufacturer’s warranty, it will be replaced with no labor charge.
  • Plan includes a 10% reward toward out-of-warranty compressor failure.
  • All labor repairs, after customer approval, will be billed at our normal rates for parts and labor, less 10% reward.
  • There is no charge for the usage of refrigerant recovery equipment on a compressor replacement or on refrigerant leak repairs.
  • In cases where larger than ¾ HP or special motors are required, they will be billed in the amount exceeding that of a ¾ HP motor.
  • Work performed after normal hours will be subject to a surcharge.

Terms, Conditions, & Exclusions

  1. This agreement is available only to residential customers purchasing fuel oil on our automatic degree-day delivery system who are not delinquent on any bills/payment plans including the cost of this agreement.
  2. Servco Oil reserves the right to inspect and approve the system before coverage is issued. Any repairs required to initially put the equipment in acceptable condition will be charged at prevailing rates.
  3. This agreement and any options shall be in effect for 12 months and will be automatically renewed at prevailing rates. Either party may cancel coverage by written notice to the other party. NO REFUND OR PRORATING WILL BE ISSUED AFTER 30 DAYS OF RENEWAL DATE OR IF SERVICE OR PARTS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED SINCE ISSUANCE.
  4. Damage and repairs not included:
    • This agreement does not include damage or repairs due to water, floods, fire, freezing, storms, power outages or surges, strikes, embargoes, vandalism or any other cause beyond the control of Servco Oil.
    • Concealed or buried parts, pipes, wiring or underground oil lines must be made accessible before repairs will be made.
    • Servco Oil shall not be held responsible for consequential damage.
    • No equipment or parts other than as specifically described in the various coverages shall be included.
    • Labor will be charged at normal daytime rates for non-emergency service calls performed outside normal business hours. Parts normally covered will still be covered.
    • Basic Heating Plan does not cover any part of the system that contains or conveys water.
    • Obsolete equipment or parts not readily available from normal sources of supply are not included.
    • No plan includes replacement of: combustion chambers, boilers, air handlers, water heater tanks, anode rods in water heaters, radiators, convectors, condenser replacement, domestic hot water coils, programmable thermostats or sensors, draft inducers and power venters, duct repairs, repairs to radiant systems, steam condensate or feed pumps, flushing of steam system and returns, repairs of refrigerant leaks and replacement of refrigerant in accordance with EPA protocols.
  5. There are no promises, terms, conditions or obligations not herein written that are part of this agreement.
  6. Preventive services and tune-up of the equipment will be provided once a year under most plans. Annual service will be provided only by appointment during normal business hours. It is your responsibility to contact us to arrange an appointment for this service. There will be no credit issued for service not scheduled or carried over to the following year.
  7. There are certain items which are considered homeowner responsibilities, including but not limited to: flushing low water cutoff, turning on switches and replacing fuses, or resetting circuit breakers and properly adjusting thermostats and sub base controls.
  8. Periodic replacement or cleaning of air filters is considered a normal owner responsibility. No plan covers service calls for the replacement of plugged or dirty air filters. No service plan covers the cost of repairs for any damage caused by a unit running with restricted airflow caused by plugged filters.
  9. For the purpose of this agreement normal business hours shall be Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Calls received after 4 p.m., requesting same day service shall be considered after-hours calls.
  10. In the case of multiple units of the same type on the same property (such as multiple air handlers, humidifiers, air cleaners, etc.), if coverage is obtained on one unit, coverage must be obtained on all units of the same type. This will prevent possible misunderstandings that could arise over which unit is covered.
  11. At the time of the annual service and cleaning, we will clean the smoke pipe and the base of the chimney. Any cleaning, repairs or replacement of masonry or metal chimneys is not included in any service plan. For the purpose of this agreement the chimney is considered to start where the single wall galvanized 26 GA. Smoke pipe meets the chimney.
  12. No plan includes removal of, or repairs to, or resulting from water in the oil tank, or frozen oil lines.
  13. No plan includes replacement of antifreeze, or repair of damage caused by a lack of antifreeze in a heating system. (An annual checkup is available in the additional services section.) Improper maintenance of antifreeze can cause significant damage to boilers, coils, radiators and related piping and fixtures; there are no provisions in any plan that cover repairs for problems relating to or resulting from improperly maintained antifreeze.
  14. An after-hours call is considered an emergency only if it cannot be postponed until normal business hours without causing a safety or property damaging situation.